Eric Schneider  

creative coach, consultant + catalyst for change

Eric's work with creatives typically focuses on helping individuals (and teams) to achieve their full creative potential and career aspirations.

Depending on your needs and priorities, Eric may help you clarify your vision and goals, agree your career / business strategies, set out your next key steps, review your creative activities, build your confidence, help with how you address creative challenges, and/or identify how you can more effectively manage your working relations with others. The issues covered may range from business or career activities, to those affecting your creative outputs, to motivational and psychological factors. They will always be put in a holistic context.

Eric also helps individuals and teams to develop their creative thinking and creativity.

Sometimes becoming 'more creative' is about getting people to think about alternative and more effective ways of solving problems or asking questions. In other instances it can be about developing 'creative' awareness or skills in a particular area - visually, musically, or whatever is appropriate.

It can also be about assisting people to nurture and encourage creativity in others, for example by putting in place receptive conditions and other factors.

Depending on the circumstances, for example,  the focus may be on how best to build a creative culture, nurture innovation, develop creative teams, remove creative hurdles, understand creative processes and / or leverage creative assets.

Whatever the context, Eric will work with you to nurture and develop your (and your team's) creativity and creative thinking.