Eric Schneider  

creative coach, consultant + catalyst for change



Eric is passionate about developing creative and innovative thinking in individuals and teams who don't always see themselves as creative.

He also supports 'creativity conductors'. These include people with responsibility for managing design and innovation and generally leverage an organisation's creative resource

Sometimes becoming 'more creative' is about getting people to think differently, for example, about alternative and more effective ways of solving problems.

In other instances it can be about developing 'creative' awareness or skills in a particular area.

Or the focus maybe on putting in place receptive conditions for generating creativity and innovative thinking and how best to build a creative culture, nurture innovation, develop creative teams, remove creative hurdles, understand creative processes and / or leverage the potential of creative assets.

Whatever the context, Eric will work with you to nurture and develop your (and your team's ) creativity and creative thinking.

Eric specialises in helping creatives to achieve their full potential, and in assisting others to think more creatively.

With a background as both a management consultant and coach (he has over 30 years of experience advising organisations and individuals, building on his London Business School roots) and a creative (he's also an Architectural Association trained architect and a photographer) one of Eric's strengths is genuinely understanding the challenges - creative and otherwise - facing individuals and organisations and what it takes to succeed.


Eric specialises in working with creatives, with 'creative conductors' and with CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs.

Eric works with creatives of all kinds - from designers and architects to those in the arts, media, music and fashion sectors, and including individuals, teams and organisations.

If you're a creative, the focus is likely to be on helping you to achieve your full creative potential, both creative and more generally.

Depending on your needs and priorities, acting as both coach and consultant, Eric may help you clarify your vision and goals, agree your career / business strategies, set out your next steps, review your creative activities, build your confidence, help with how you address creative challenges, and/or identify how you can more effectively manage your working relations with others.

Eric also works with CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners who often need to be creative in order to stay ahead of the pack, and to stay positive and energised in the face of endless challenges.

In this context Eric's role  - as a creative thinker, coach, consultant and general trusted advisor - may to be there to bounce ideas off, to work through pressing issues, and to interrogate both strategic and creative matters. Or to just listen.  

As a creative management consultant who has worked with hundreds of small businesses and numerous larger organisations Eric can help with a wide range of business and creative issues. He can also assist with  mindset challenges, for example in terms of understanding how to deal with mental blocks and hindrances and coping with those inevitable setbacks.

In his coaching Eric is also cognisant of the power of the mind and how ways of thinking can affect a person's behaviour and effectiveness.

This includes how our internal 'saboteurs' can hold sway. In this regard, he works with clients to help ensure the brain really is working as a friend and not a foe using Shirzad Chamine's Positive Intelligence techniques. These also make a major difference in helping the initial positive results of the coaching and consultancy endure.

He is happy to work on a face to face, online or telephone basis.


"I had reached a plateau in my career progression and Eric has been very helpful in creating a framework for me to organise my thoughts and ambitions on how I could progress in the future.

Eric's warm and encouraging manner dispensing positive criticism has helped boost my confidence. The 360 degree review was very illuminating and helped me to develop ideas for what I should focus on going forward.

We covered a lot of ground during our sessions, which carried on successfully via video during lockdown. (Even when the) sessions were completed, Eric still took the time to check in on me and ensure that the office was aware of my progress."

Karen Fuller, Barr Gazetas

“I used to have sympathy with the view that management consultants simply borrow your watch to tell you the time, only to walk off with it.

My experience with Schneider has been very different. Eric borrowed my watch, told me why it was running slightly out, then gave it back - pointing out that with a bit of cleaning it would be worth more than I had thought possible.

Eric Schneider gave my consultancy the kind of invaluable independent perspective that I hope we give to our clients

Robert Smith, Jog Limited

"…Throughout this six month process Eric delivered insight, knowledge, financial acumen and most importantly intellectual challenge to the business planning process. The initial benefits are a practice reinvigorated, recharged and most importantly ambitious to face a new decade of challenge…

Mark Hobson, Maber Architects

Eric is the only businessman I have met who is also both a genuinely skilled and observant “creative” and an effective and gritty strategic consultant, able intelligently and articulately to evaluate the needs and objectives of others on their own terms, rather than simply by reference to himself

… throughout, I have also valued Eric’s ideas and contributions on diverse small issues such as logo-design, the content, tone & ‘pitch’ of web sites and brochures, aspects of overhead management and even preparation for important meetings and presentations.

What I like about Eric is that he is prepared to get to the nuts & bolts; he can bring real rigour to the table. He can also be relied on to take a step back from time to time and try to lift one’s head up to the horizon that lies ahead.”

Chris Agace Chalk Hill

“having taken a slightly sceptical approach to the process, I found the whole exercise very rewarding. Eric has the knack of getting to the nub of an issue quickly and without fuss giving us a clear set of issues to address

Ian Yallop, Stephen George + Partners

Eric Schneider came highly recommended for the task; he exceeded expectations. Through his astute and tactful guidance we have and are achieving development ambitions which I would have not thought possible

Lyn Edwards, GMW Architects

“Eric Schneider is an outstanding management and business consultant. Even his free up-front session gave me invaluable ideas for growing my business. In the paid consultancy which followed I have gained a clear idea of where I am heading and what I need to do the get there. I have already taken significant actions that are moving my business forward. Eric's consulting is worth its weight in gold

Graham Price, CEO Abicord

“I just thought you might like to know that Strides has got a new word doing the rounds: "Being Schneidered." It made me laugh. I want to become a word someday … Your presence has "unstuck" us and pushed us forward, for which I am extremely grateful.  Thank you and well done. I hope you enjoyed the process, others certainly did.”

Elizabeth Kavanagh, Head of HR, Stride Treglown

The process has opened up many new fields of discussion within the office. Everybody on the staff enjoyed meeting Eric. Often now when we have a problem someone will say: 'what would Eric say?'!”

Alistair Barr, Barr Gazetas


Eric's approach to coaching and consultancy will be tailored to your specific needs. Often he will blend the role of coach, consultant and creative according to the issues and circumstances in question.






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First and foremost he brings an independent, empathetic perspective, and acts as a sounding board - a safe 'psychological space' - to explore issues, ideas and experiences.

He works in a manner that is structured, yet flexible and responsive, in which he aims to understand your situation, putting himself in your shoes, so he can work with you to innovate effective solutions, and navigate how they can be most effectively instigated.